Obscured view

So many landscape images are vistas - sunsets or sunrises rich with color and dramatic clouds, exciting and fun to look at. I’ve taken my share of them - and you’ll find some on my site (for example https://www.marcoclicks.com/#/a-small-island-in-the-pond-2/).

I’ve tried from time to time to look for smaller vistas: sections of rotting logs or composting leaves or fungus on concrete walls. They are more abstract but they are more evocative, perhaps because they require us to sort out what we’re looking at even though we find the color and composition appealing.

And here’s another twist: lately, I find myself drawn to the piles of rocks randomly set around the Pond and have been trying to figure out how to shoot them. This shot is the first that is, I think, close to how I feel about them - they are interesting even if they don’t take your breath away. The leaves partially obscuring the view helps me see that this isn’t a big deal vista.

I may look at this image and what I’ve written in a week or a month and wonder why I posted this shot. I’m not sure how I feel about it and it usually takes some time for that to crystalize. In the meantime, let me know if the image or the words resonate for you.