People at the Pond: summer

I’ve found myself shooting people who seem particularly engaged in their experience of the Pond. Yes, I know, that’s my judgment and I employ that criterion quite loosely. These are in the nature of street photography, although in this case, it’s more pond photography but that is a confusing (if not silly!) label so I’ll avoid it.

I’m not sure where the convention of street photography generally being black & white originated and, at the moment, these feel a bit affected. When you shoot digital, you’re usually shoot with a color view in the LCD so the act of making the shot black & white is done in post-processing. I’ve no problem with that but I can’t say these shots were visualized in camera as black & white. Then again, if they work, who cares?

Do they work? I’ve accumulated a body of these shots, several dozen from the Pond, and I’ve never shown them. Honestly I’m not sure what I think of them. As I body of work I enjoy them more than any individual one. Yet there is something there that I keep coming back to.

Let me know what you think of these? Are there particular ones that appeal? Or ones that you don’t care for? I’d love to hear!