Back to the Pond

As you may know, having read some earlier entries, I departed from my habit of writing and showing images of Jamaica Pond. Today, after that brief hiatus, here we are back at the Pond.

Did you ever notice how much blue there is in the rocks lining the edge of the Pond? In this image, that blue is accentuated, a bit more than you would see if you were looking at it through your own eyes.

It doesn’t bother me that it’s not completely color accurate and I hope you’re open to seeing beyond what is actually there. Photography has rarely been about recording reality but since the maturation of digital imaging, it is even less of that. With that in mind, I offer no excuse for altering reality! I like it this way, end of story.

Now, out of respect for those who may have a different view of or expectations for photography, I’ll also include a shot of the island in the Pond that is more color accurate - and, by the way, a lovely shot. It’s a morning view, several hours after sunrise, and the colors are what that morning sunlight brought to the picture! Quite lovely!

Hope you like ‘em both!