About ME…

Artist, father, grandfather, planner, administrator… some of the words I’ve used to describe the roles I’ve played in my life. 

I’ve been taking pictures since 1999. Julianna, my then 4-year old daughter, named my new-born business "marcoclicks."

Before that, I worked as a studio craftsperson in New Hampshire for 15 years back in the 70s and 80s. My unimaginative name for a very creative business was Goldring Art Leather

Oh, and yes, I worked as a consultant for 30 years with a wonderful firm called WolfBrown, working with artists, cultural organizations, and communities to integrate arts and culture more fully into the life of the community. I spent the last five years of my working-for-pay life as Administrative Director of an amazing community arts organization called Spontaneous Celebrations. Nowadays, I spend the bulk of my time shooting and playing with my delightful grandson, Desmond, now officially five years old..