Walking down Amory Street toward Green, there are a series of warehouses and parking lots. Plenty of chain-link fencing and big rigs waiting for their next load. In other words: not the usual place I go to shoot, or refresh my soul and reconnect with the natural world.

So what gives?

Actually, nothing. I was in the neighborhood meeting a friend. Since I had the camera, I thought I’d see what I could see. At first, I thought I’d cross the street to the park that surrounds the Orange Line tracks. That would give me trees and shrubs, familiar territory. Then it occurred to me that I might find something interesting at a distance from the familiar. So I kept walking.

In a way, this shot reminds me of a landscape. It’s a very particular place with a distinct balance and rhythm. What appeals to me about this scene is the focus on geometry. I love the array of reds in various sizes and shapes. The space feels personal and well-used if not particularly looked at by those who use it.

This is what often appeals to me in my work - finding beauty (or at least good design) is unexpected places. I’m pleased I took the time!