Trees and mist

These are both from the trip to southern India last winter. They were taken at the Periyar Nature Reserve in Kerala province. I’ve spent a reasonable amount of time in the woods over my lifetime and it was surpassing odd to be in a forest without any (or many) familiar trees. Their branches and how the leaves hung seemed subtly different from what I expected. And the presence of very large animals from time to time added to the surreal feelings.

This top shot was selected for an exhibition later this month at the Cambridge Art Association. When I learned one of my works had been accepted, I drew a complete blank on what I had submitted. After I wracked my brain for some time, I decided it was the second of these 2 images, and I was pleased since I had worked hard on that image and liked it a lot. Given my confusion, I decided to check online and found, to my surprise, that it was the top image - and that I hadn’t even submitted the second! It’s a sign of how my opinions of my work changes over time!

Rest assured that I’m going to improve my record-keeping in this area