Looking and seeing

I’m drawn to this close-up of water, of the ripples and swells of the Pond on a windy day. It doesn’t bother me that the colors are a bit more yellow than I saw at the time and I’ve worked to make the debris in the water more visible.

So how does this image work? It’s a photograph, yes. But it’s not a representation of what was in front of my camera. The way I work it’s a two-step process. First I find the image and shoot it and a bunch of variations. Then I take the digital image and process it in software, making something that is pleasing to me.

Sometimes I end up with a representation that anyone would recognize as the scene I shot; other times, I end up with something magical and beautiful, something that takes off from what I saw but flies on it's own.

Still, in either case, it’s all about looking - deeply, carefully, slowly - and seeing. On my good days, I can do a bit of that.