The similarity of this image to the prior one is strong. This is what I’m wrestling with lately: when are images variations on a theme and when are they essentially the same image? I’ve generally been satisfied if my immediate reaction is “I like it.”

But that isn’t sufficient. Well, it would be, I suppose, if I were the only one to look at them. (And lord knows, sometimes I feel that’s so!) But I aspire to more than an audience of one!

Perhaps more to the point, I believe that art is not complete unless it is looked at, shared. So, while I don’t want to worry about how people react to what I make, I do want to be aware of how generally they see what I make. Does looking at this second image provide some new insight into the first one? Are they both worth spending time with? Do they appear as the start of a series?

These are new images so I can’t yet answer my own questions. It usually becomes clear after some weeks of being away from them. While I’m waiting I’d be curious to know what you think. Feel free to write a comment and let me know…