Summer green

It’s mid-summer and the burst of spring foliage has matured to its full expression. Walk around the Pond and you are overcome with the array of leaves and blossoms and roots, it’s all there along the paths.

You can see I’m still looking for reflections. Having started this focus on reflections in the fall, I’m forced to become more selective, to make sure I’m not repeating myself. I love the nuances and there’s a place for them, but I prefer to focus on what I haven’t seen before. And each season has brought a different slant on reflections.

Thus this image! There’s something about the flowing nature of the reflection and of course the color, that seems to set it aside from the others. I hasten to add that this is a very recent image and my opinion of it may change after a few weeks. I love all the new ones but that sometimes fades.

What do you think?