Just shoot...

Sometimes when I shoot, I know exactly what I’m looking for in the image. Whether or not I capture that is another question, but I’m clear in my intention.

But occasionally, especially toward the end of a shoot when I’m tired and my concentration is not as strong as I might wish, I tend to be less disciplined. I see something that grabs me and aim my camera at it. Usually I’ll check my setting to make sure they’re on target, but honestly, not always. I just shoot. I figure nothing ventured nothing gained and it doesn’t cost me anything except the time to review it.

And most of the time, these shots are barely interesting. But sometimes, rarely, they take my breath away. This is one of my recent favorites: the rain landing on the water with the rippled reflections of leaves, distorting in graceful lines. It feels minimal, understated. It moves quickly as did its capture.

It makes sense to me to keep hold of both practices - focused intentional creation and intuitive shooting. Both work for me.