Natural confusion


In Woods Hole, walking down toward a small harbor at the end of a road. Going down a bit of a hill, the ground off to the left is puddled with water, a small pond, complete with vegetation. Usually this place is dry, perhaps a bit soggy but by no means a body of water. So I stopped for a snap.

There’s so much going on in this picture, maybe too much. The trees and shrubs and their reflections are much more chaotic than what I usually get. I saw something in my head, here, although I’m not sure that it comes through in this workup of the shot. I saw a variation on a theme of reflections, one in which object and reflection existed vertically and horizontally. I liked that there was so much going on.

This is a new image and I generally love all the new ones. Not sure how this one will age - will I cringe to think I highlighted it? Well, maybe, there’s always that chance. But I’ll leave it here so I can remember that I attempted to capture something I saw in my mind and whether I was successful or not is less the issue than that I tried.