Yet another...

By now you’ve probably figured out that I like reflections. And this recent visit to Ward’s Pond was quite productive, as witness the last several entries. The Pond itself is covered in some ugly slime for most of its surface but there is a spot where the water heads down to join the Muddy River (I think) where there is a small beach and it’s a great place to shoot.

What appeals to me as I looked at this image - and it was when I was processing it that I noticed it, not when I shot it, surprisingly enough - is that it almost appears as if the image is upside down. Forget that it’s a reflection for a moment and turn it over. The lily pads are on the bottom, as you might expect, and the tree branches (forgetting for the moment that they’re reflections) are on top. The world is right again!

What’s fun for me is playing with this perspective. I enjoy the resolvable confusion of the image, knowing that if I look long and carefully enough, I can figure out what’s going on. (I wish that were the case with other aspects of life.) I love the power of careful looking - almost as much as I love the incredible array of early autumn greens that show up.