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Spiderwort, 2018

We sat in the car for a bunch of hours to get to northern New Hampshire and then uncramped ourselves by unpacking the camping gear. We are urban campers so we carry tent and sleeping bags and all the rest a minimal distance from car to campsite. It's fine - I've roughed it enough in my life, a little ease works fine!

What makes this place especially wonderful is that our site is literally 25 feet from this river. That glorious sound of rushing water drowns out most of what might be intrusive noise – dogs, in particular. It wouldn’t pass for wilderness but it’s not a parking lot either. So we look forward to the river’s roar.

And so many rocks. It's a symphony of rocks - big, small, round, rectangular, heavy, light – they’ve all been softened by ages of tumbling and dancing through this corridor of rocks, making loud, incessant music.

It seems clear that the water and the rocks co-exist. They would each be very different without the other. I for one am grateful that they are both here, in such unfettered abundance. And knowing that they are here, even when I am not, is a blessing.


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