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July 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Spiderwort, 2018 We wait until the entire garden is in shade, for obvious reasons this week. Then we walk the various paths, comparing tomatoes and squash. There's raspberries, too, just coming in - enough for birds and gardeners both. There's an amazing variety of gardening strategies in a community garden and you can learn a lot just walking around. 

My eye tends to move to smaller vistas and ones that highlight the life cycle beyond the peak. And I am dumbfounded by the complexity of the plants we observe. Here's one, spiderwort, that is in most instances a weed. But I'm learning from my partner that there's more going on here. Use the root for a laxative, and a poultice of the leaves for insect bites. There's more I'm sure. 

And I suppose you're not surprised that I didn't know any of that. I just saw the textures and shapes and grabbed the camera. So this is an advertisement for using common plants for healing and for looking closely to find beauty and patterns. My partner is in charge of the former and I'll try my hand at the latter!


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