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June 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Stony Beach late afternoon, Woods Hole 2018
I've been here before, sunset over the Bay, a bit early for the full treatment but sufficient to make the point. It's the time between day and night, between afternoon and evening.

Our activities shift to reflect that transition. It isn't always easy. Sometimes I have more doing than my day can hold; other times I get groggy before the sun arcs toward setting. Of course, the day does what it does without regard for where I am. And that's mostly a good thing: ultimately I can generally accommodate myself to the reality of the day's cycle. 

But when there's too much going on, when the stress of doing feels oppressive, I wish at those moments that we could move ourselves away from distress to focus our attention on what is working in our days and live, what is holy. Easier said than done, no question; but still worth working on.



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