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Forest, trees

June 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Woods near Prindle Pond, 2018
There is nothing less planned that second growth forest. It's all a jumble from what was left by the loggers and the new growth, stone walls still marking boundaries no matter how obscure. Walking may not be easy, with roots and rocks and windfalls. Still, it might be worth the walk. This land has been lived on for long ages, by our people and those before. Are there signs? Are there relics? From the natural world or our own artificial, human-made one? 

A walk would enlighten us. But even looking will help. I notice the vertical and the elements that contrast with the vertical. And I enjoy them both, as well as the infinite shades of green that hover just at the edge of what I can notice. 

Yes, it's worth the walk. And the look.



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