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White and cold

March 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Jamaica Pond boathouse, winter 2018

I am aware that spring has come to the calendar if not to the ground I walk. And while the Pond doesn't necessarily look like this today, it has had at least this coating of snow fairly recently. This shot is from early in the month.

I'm frequently struck by how quiet these pictures of the Pond look, especially considering that the Jamaicaway is right there with car horns and motorcycles and ambulances rightfully rushing, noisily rushing somewhere urgent. What a blessing to turn down the volume, indeed remove the volume. 

Beyond that it is quiet, there's little to say. I like the rhythm of the upturned boats on the dock and the people as they walk around the Pond. But mostly I feel rested as I look at this. That's enough...


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