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March 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Trees at Jamaica Pond, winter 2018

I've seen this picture before, or almost. I've seen these trees, overlooking this always-changing Pond. Last time I looked, though, there were leaves on the trees and grass rather than snow. And as tired as I am of wintry weather, it is a blessing to see these trees in this state. 

Without the leaves, I can see the structure and the texture of the underlying branches. Notice the elegant curves of the smaller branches, the twigs that will grow to support greater weight, more leaves.

There is something reverent about this congregation of trees, standing or slow-dancing on this gentle hillside overlooking a favorite body of water. I wonder whether a static image can capture the essence of this scene without the motion of the wind, so present when I grabbed this shot. And on another level, it doesn't matter. It stands without the wind. 


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