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Thawing on a cold day

February 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Windy island in Jamaica Pond, 2016

Coming upon among the coldest days of the season in early March is surprising at best and demoralizing at worst. My patience for cold weather is getting tried earlier in the season each year and now when the wind cuts through my warmest layers, I am reminded of the colder days I lived through years ago. Small comfort, I know.

So I've made myself go outside on those cold days, go out bundled up so that I face whatever the cold blusters my way. And I remember this image from the warmer days of last week. The ice was beginning to thaw and the sky was gray. What a contrast to the cold we sit in now and the brilliant, clear skies.

Today, in the warmest part of the day, I will venture out, yet again bundled, and see what I can see. I know that no matter what there's something to learn and see out there.


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