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July 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Morning, Clark Cove, Maine 2016

Even as the morning dark creeps out of our waking hours, the calm of the air, the water still embraces me, reaches out tenderly to remind me of my connection to the day. Standing out front, watching the sky's drama, I am struck by the impact of morning's profound silence.

Sunrises are common; glorious ones are not rare. Yet the miracle of this transition lies not in being uncommon but rather that it happens every day. I love the subtle ones, those that cause me to look more closely, to notice soft rosy reflections. Can I start every day with this practice?

I suppose so - the opportunity is there every day, even when the morning starts overcast. There’s always something to see, in varying shades of quiet.

All it requires is my attention. 


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