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June 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Woods Hole sunset, 2016

I was surprised as the dark rolled in, as it took over from day. Quietly, inevitably, every evening reaches the same conclusion in a different way, and I am here, we are here with this display. What a blessing to watch this happen, even one night, from start to darkness. What a blessing to notice, to slow down and notice.

There is much that I might say, now, sitting here, looking at that event's memory. But at the time, while the light graced us with the slow disappearance of day and the gentle invitation to the night, there were no words. Standing on the beach, with others nearby, silent, just watching, it became a prayer. 

So there was nothing that needed to be said, indeed nothing worth saying, nothing that improved upon the silence that was in front of us.

So I let it be.



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