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Coming to the color

May 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


The grey skies and rain of the past week have taken their toll - on our physical world and our emotional one as well. When the sun edged toward coming out this afternoon, it was close to revelation. But in the depths of the gray, the yearning for something closer to spring, late spring, was tangible. Of course, this is pointless, I know that - the weather is what the weather is, the least likely physical element of my world to be subject to my whims.

So my exercise is to shift away from that yearning for something that is not manifest. This is familiar, I notice. I look at what’s in front of me, truly present to my eyes, and I consider what is required to capture that, rather than attempting to capture a figment, considerably more complicated. 

That raises the question, a familiar one: what do I see?

In this unremarkable shot, I saw an array of hues of green and yellow, unmatched at any other time of year. It was not contingent on sunlight, although perhaps it would have been enhanced by it. In other words, it is what was there in the face of the gray skies, the rain, the chill breeze. 

And the lesson: I can treasure this as much as the more typical beauty of mid-spring as long as my eyes and mind are focused on appreciation.

Come to think of it, that focus will bring me to a moment of celebration beyond the damp chill, something that I can recall when the sun returns and I say, I remember what I saw when it was hard to look.


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