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Silence of the tide

April 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A walk on a calm morning in April, rocks just lined up... After a blustery, windy day, the sun comes up gently and the bay is calm. The only sounds I hear are small animals and birds and an occasional human or car. This is Woods Hole's pre-season, a peaceful moment. I’ve learned to enjoy this place and time, as distant as it is from the almost-wilderness in which I built my house decades ago, a different take on the natural world. 

I don’t know much about the water, especially the ocean. The difference between high and low tide is lost on me – it always seems to look somewhere in between. The mystery of tides and waves confounds me in the kayak and even on shore, it is hard for me to intuit what patterns might emerge.

This early morning, I notice the calm water and unyielding rocks, that and the silence of the tides. There is, I imagine, a partnership between fluid and solid, between hard and soft that I might emulate. Stone and water join together so seamlessly and I am grateful for this expression of grace in the natural world. I pray for the openness to bring more such partners into my life. 


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