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March 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Jamaica Pond ice, 2016

The edge of the Pond is where the warmth of the shore meets the colder water – it’s ice, in fact – and we can observe a portion of its slow transition to water. This is where we see it best, at the boundary, the edge of the transition. So much to notice and think about and frame.

If you were standing where I was on that warming morning, you’d see the solidity of the ice before it succumbed to the warmth, you’d notice the rotting ice making a mixture of solid and less so, moving toward its inevitable shift.

It occurs to me that one way to look at this is that we are standing in the place where ends and beginnings meet. It’s the spot and the moment when and where things shift from their before to whatever is after.

There have been moments where my before and after were as starkly drawn (or at least seemed so in retrospect). Odd thought while walking around the Pond. But I will choose to savor that perspective. It somehow connects me to this natural, basic transition and reminds me of the larger life of which I am a part.


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