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The softening

March 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Jamaica Pond after the ice has melted, February 2016

I've been walking around the Pond for the past 15 years and I always find something unique to notice. OK, not always - lots of times I am not attentive enough to notice much of anything, the internal walk where nothing from the outside really penetrates. But if I am going to be attentive anywhere, it's here.

It reminds me of walking through the Botanic Garden in Brooklyn with my brother and my dad. Saturday afternoons when the weather allowed, we'd walk the dozen or so blocks to the Garden and then walk around it. There was a stream that meandered through manicured meadows (I recall falling in it once to my dad's displeasure...) and lots of urban adventurers getting a taste of "nature." It's a sweet memory.

Both Jamaica Pond and Prospect Park (of which the Botanic Garden is a part) were designed by Olmsted so it's no surprise that there are vistas, nature tamed for city-dwellers. No complaint here - I count myself blessed to be able to walk around the Pond as often as I do. It's a quiet reminder of all that is alive and growing in my world.


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