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Shifting to green

March 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Arboretum, 2016

The wind didn't cut as it has lately and the sun was strong. The day felt longer: 2 o'clock isn't quite as close to dinner time as it had been a month ago. A middle of the afternoon walk in the Arboretum, pretending it is a wild spot, that it isn't curried by caring tenders who watch over this once-wild place. 

This is not meant as a complaint - I love walking here and visiting trees that have become friends. It reminds me of growing up in Brooklyn and tramping through the Botanic Garden, another pretend wild spot. My child's imagination was wilder than the asphalt paths. Still, even thirty years after homesteading in the New Hampshire woods, these places feel so civilized. 

Today, civilized or wild, I sense these trees dancing slowly together. Is their placement just happenstance or were they arranged, long ago, to interact in some odd way with one another? I love to find or imagine intelligence and grace behind these vignettes I find and I don't doubt it's there. The blessing for me is just noticing and letting go of the rest.


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