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Resistance and healing

November 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Windy island in Jamaica Pond, 2016

Went for a walk in the Arboretum, up Peter's Hill. It was an attempt to put my attention on something other than this massive national tragedy that faces us, this self-inflicted 9/11. This was not to deny or cover over what is happening, but to help me remember that there is still goodness and beauty in the world and to strengthen my resolve to resist the normalization of evil and to fight to retain our values and the gains of the past eight years.

I am buoyed by thoughts of my beloved family and the many friends and counselors who play such an important role in keeping me connected to what's most real, important, and true in my life...

I wish rest, calm, and peace to everyone as we sort out our role in minimizing the damage to our lives and our world in the coming time.


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