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Rates of decay

October 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Windy island in Jamaica Pond, 2016

This is not a pretty picture. That's not the point. Rather it brings me back to a frequent preoccupation – the intersection of the human and natural worlds.

This ungainly walkway traverses commuter rail tracks. It has the appearance of being infrequently walked on. It is surrounded by second or third growth woodlot, and the contrast is apparent.

The shades of green, even at fall’s beginning, only suggest the degree of its inevitable decay. It is moving slowly and this mild woodland echoes a cycle of growth and rebirth.

Maybe it’s just the moment, maybe this walkway is usually busy. More likely the cumbersome concrete and steel walkway shows the beginning of decay that is not offset by any likely rebirth. It was built for a different time and there is little that can be done to accommodate the changed circumstances.

That’s a central difference between our creations and the natural world. Simple, basic, but central.


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