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Order in chaos

November 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Perhaps it’s a truism that the natural world is only peaceful in our imaginings of it, that tooth and claw are rarely friends of peace. Nevertheless, I do assume that the serenity that arises in me when I walk in the woods reflects something of the calm order of nature – plants and animals in some semblance of balance.

And yet, as I look around me, walking through old growth forest or the scrub that grows up after loggers take their toll, I see anything but order, at least to my way of thinking. And balance is a sometime thing. It takes an act of will to remind myself that how I think of order is not necessarily the only way to think of it. And that chaos and disorder can manifest as a support to regrowth. In a sense, I am reminded that human understanding reflects just a piece of the natural world, nothing close to its totality.

I want to have a broader and deeper understanding of natural balance, one that encompasses the processes that this blessed world of animals and plants in concert employs to deal with the small and large impacts of human depredation. That might give me a perspective on what the world will look like as it heals from our human transgressions. We have much to atone for but first we need to see clearly.



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