marcoclicks | Early fall and balance

Early fall and balance

October 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Just above the beach at Jamaica Pond, capturing the color and the light. Wow... Fall is slow this year and it feels like a benefit in several ways. First, it means that the blessed transition happens more slowly, thus with more time to notice and reflect. Second, and as an image-maker more important to me, the colors change in slower motion and that seems to mean that there is more subtlety in variations of green and yellow and orange and red.

This landscape was cultivated over a century ago by F. L. Olmsted and it did feel like an "arrangement," an "assemblage," something that had been put together with a particular viewpoint or perspective. Like a Japanese rock garden, perhaps, it felt like it was designed to show me something about balance and grace and contrast. Still, it felt easy-going, hardly ostentatious and I realized only later how grateful I was to have this put in front of me on a short city walk not far from home.


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