Seeing white

February 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Jamaica Pond, 2016 winter

Sometimes in the winter, as I walk with cameras, I struggle to see things. This winter has been easier than last, no question, in that there is sometimes a palette beyond thousands of shades of gray, but it's still a struggle. I've walked around Jamaica Pond a few times lately, as the wind whipped through the trees and temperatures dropped. Slowing down enough to notice what is present and taking off my gloves to shoot with bare hands has been my discipline. 

Truth be told, I'm not completely sold on any of the dozen or so images I've worked up from the warmth of my studio: some of them seem forced. What I know, however, is that the more I push myself, in good weather and bad, the greater the likelihood I'll capture something that moves me. Shooting for masterpieces is a waste of my time, even if it were possible (and other than happy accidents, I don't think it is). 

My goal is to clarify for myself - and maybe for you - what there is to see, what is really there within the hundred subtle shades of even a limited palette. That seems a worthwhile effort.


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