Ridge line

September 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This is an image from 2008, a 2-shot HDR image from Larz Anderson Park. It was good but undistinguished before but with more skill and upgraded tools, it really sings...

We stood near the playground looking up the gentle hill toward the solitary tree that stood on the hill’s crest. From where we were standing, there was no way to know what was visible once your curiosity took you beyond that hill top.

Oh, I know, it wouldn’t take much to find out what was there – just walk up and take a look, it’s not a secret. But at this very moment, from where we are standing, we simply don’t know. Not knowing reminds me of the power of this present moment. Mysteries swell and shrink, knowing and not knowing dance as we attend to the present moment.

So, let us walk together, slowly, toward this small mystery; let us enjoy the not knowing as well as the answers we didn’t know we were seeking. 


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