September 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Such an ungainly creature, almost alien, standing there, patiently, waiting for its opportunity to grab a fish and feed. This isn’t the first time herons have visited the mill pond. Each time I’ve watched them for quite some time and their patience far out-strips mine. Imagine doing that several times a day in order to eat. Hard to imagine.

I’ve not been shooting much lately as I’ve spent time on preparing for a show. Lots of looking at older images, evaluating them after the lust of new vision has worn off, in the cold light of morning, as it were... I still enjoy looking at many of them; for some of them, there’s less there than met my eye when I first looked. I’m OK with that: it takes me a while to become objective about these creations. Even after a while, I still like shots for purely personal reasons, shots that likely have little appeal to others.

When I choose work to show, I intend to be as patient and as focused as that heron. I want to know that these shots have sat long enough that I can look at them with a new eye. I’d rather not be swayed by a memory of the moment of capture. It requires patience, honesty, and compassion, as complicated as a heron.


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