A changing vantage point

August 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The way I'm shooting has shifted.

I’ve always been good at framing images, and over the years I have developed a sense of the incongruous and the ironic in my images. I’ve worked to capture the discipline and beauty of unexpected vignettes, portraits really, of what otherwise might seem like trash or junk or simple rot. I value bringing attention to such scenes so we notice and value these parts of our world.

Lately, my vision has widened. I’ve started looking at larger slices of my world. In an interesting collaboration, my wonderful new wide-angle lens showed me visual possibilities I’d simply not noticed before. So here I am, once again, sorting out the beginner’s questions: What am I looking at and what am I looking for?

It’s a bit surprising to me how little of what I’ve mastered is relevant in this new adventure. My impulse is the same, true, but I need to start fresh, learning yet again to look with care and attention. In this situation, pretty just isn’t enough. At this more familiar scale, I want a narrative, something that captures more than just the eye. Most of what I have shot remain just trees, with nothing, no statement beyond that. In the best so far, there is an emerging story of grace that moves the image along.  That’s what I’m looking for.


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