Looking and seeing

July 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


I’m learning that sometimes color gets in the way. What an image conveys is sometimes about texture or contrast, both of which seem to be more readily seen without the distraction of color. And yet, we see the world in color, I suspect, for a reason – is there more subtlety, more nuance with it present?

Perhaps, and no doubt that matters in day-to-day reality. But this is different. It’s the artists’ license to pick and choose which nuance to focus on and to put aside others in order to frame a particular vision. in this case, for what I saw and what moved me, color detracted from what was most important.

And yes there is some ambivalence when I choose to let go of color, even when the image is stronger for it. Something is lost, no question. Yet perhaps what remains is stronger for the loss. That often happens. Just keep looking...


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