May 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I've been here before. Then, there was deep snow and walking was hard. The outlines of trees and limbs offered a delicate dance. The bones were visible and the rhythms of connection were clear. It made, in one way at least, a simpler story: here is intelligence sleeping, waiting for spring.

Now the riot of green has overtaken my view. I am both excited at this new-found variety and a bit disappointed at how much harder I have to work to capture the grace and flow that was so clear in winter. The intense vibrancy of the scene has complicated the mystery. I ask my only question: what is there to see here and what is worth looking at?

Standing there, I am given much to wonder at: apart from that earlier winter image, is the wealth of green captured here sufficient? What is unique about this ordinary place? What might we see were we to sit here for hours? How might my life be changed through those observations?

In this moment, I’m not sure of the answers; yet it feels like they are questions worth asking, a continuation of my internal conversation, shared here this early morning.


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