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Easily my fave among these! I love the color and the composition. Interestingly, I took this while strolling with Desmond. That meant I had little time to compose. As I've been working to be more intentional with my shooting, this gives me pause...

This year, the longer days are the only consistent reminder that we head toward New England’s summer – that and noticing the snow is gone. Occasional warm days are spiked with wind that reminds me that April (and sometimes May) can be fickle.

Yet I notice how quick I am to ignore the blessings of the day, to tune out what pleases me and pick at what is not working. A life-long habit, one that does the opposite of uplift (which is, at least according to my rhetoric, what I say I want to do).

Now this could easily become another exercise of that habit, but that’s far from my intent. Rather it is to show you (and me) an image that can do nothing other than uplift. An image of spring that eliminates distractions and allows me, encourages me, to see the power and beauty of what surrounds me most of the time. The elements are subtle (young leaves, older limbs, ambiguous sky) and together they present a promise if I can put my attention on it.

Glad to share this, hope it does the same for you!


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