Seasons shifting

May 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Another shot from the backyard in Belmont. This tree is usually pretty unremarkable - nice enough, yes, but nothing special. Not at this moment, however! There's no mistaking the time of year - clearly it is the blossoming time, the time of growth, the extravagant and visually boisterous time, a celebration of our successful emergence from the dark time.

I am not a shy person, although I don't usually enjoy drawing attention to myself. So when I scan this image, there's a part of me that wonders at its flamboyance, at its willingness to stand out, perhaps its need to stand out. Of course, this means something different for a tree than for a person, it seems silly to note, serving a very different purpose.

Yet, in this moment I wonder what the equivalent exuberance would look like in a person, in me. What would it be like to open, with attention and focus, to expressing those powerful and profound feelings that from time to time overtake me? Putting that intensity and passion on the outside, which so typically would be kept inside: it sounds a bit uncomfortable (more than a bit, truth be told). 

And in this moment, I say: this could be me, could be how I choose to make my art, to live my life. Worth pondering...


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