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Olmsted's land sculpting may still be visible in this vignette. My focus was on the tree with a missing trunk but you can focus wherever you want!

December grows old and we are only now tasting a bit of winter's flavor. The ground is moist, inviting. I walk around the Pond via alternative routes, seeing places marginally less familiar and still noticing how much has gone unnoticed. This landscape is not new to me; yet there are places I've walked by dozens of times that I will, at one particular moment, see for the first time. 

This is such a place. When i shot this, my attention was drawn to the stump in the center of the frame. It felt like a reminder of human intervention in this place. When I studied the image, I saw that but was struck by another element. It was an inviting space and clearly the stones had been placed intentionally. Was that a remnant of Olmsted's vision? A later addition? In a place as public as this, it is surprising to find a mystery. 

For whatever reason, this image is very comforting to me. Mysteries are often problematic but this one feels like it is just open to easy-going imaginings. That feels like a good way to spend my time as I sit with this image.


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